Maps of the OT

The USFS has produced maps of the Ouachita Trail and has given us permission to use them here. These maps do not include the eastern-most 30 miles of trail not on USFS land. The map at right is an overview map.

CLICK HERE for the preferred, more detailed USFS maps for users of the OT. It is broken into segments. Note that the segments on this map do not correspond to the trail segments in Tim Ernst’s Guidebook, shown below. The “sections” listed on our Trail Conditions page corresponds to the Guidebook, not to this map.

OT Overview Map

Trail Guide

Ouachita Trail Guide by Tim Ernst

For detailed information and maps on the Ouachita Trail refer to FoOT’s official guide: “Ouachita Trail Guide” by Tim Ernst. The book is available at some Arkansas State Parks, Ouachita National Forest Ranger Stations serving the Ouachita Trail, or from the publisher’s online store at FoOT members get a discount when ordering from the publisher!