FoOT Forms Library

Below you can join FoOT and download a sample Volunteer Agreement and other documents.

CLICK HERE for trail maintenance guidelines and training information.

Click the bold form name below to access the form.

FoOT Tri-fold Brochure
Use this Tri-fold Brochure to print out copies that you can distribute to places of business, trail enthusiasts, on car windshields at trailheads, etc. Keep several in your backpack to give to others you meet on the trail.

Membership Application and Volunteer Agreement
If you’d like to support FoOT through contribution of funds or time, we encourage you to submit a Membership Application so we can add you to our membership roster and stay in touch with you regarding OT news and upcoming FoOT events.

If you request a Working Membership (see How to Help) you will be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement which will be sent to you along with additional helpful information. CLICK HERE to view  a sample.

Volunteer Guest Agreement
If you are a FoOT Working Member and will have guests helping you with maintenance tasks, they must fill-out a Volunteer Guest Agreement. If your adoption falls within the area managed by Pinnacle Mountain State Park (Section 9 Mile 192.5 thru Section 10 Mile 222.5), your guest(s) will also have to sign the PMSP FoOT Volunteer Waiver.

Maintenance Report Form (CLICK HERE for online form)
There are three reasons we ask for a Maintenance Report from FoOT Volunteers:

  1. We collect Volunteer Hours, mileage driven, and gender information needed by the USFS. They are required to submit this information in their volunteer reports and the information helps them maintain support for volunteer programs. It will also be helpful to FoOT in showing how much we contribute when we apply for funding grants in the future, or need help from other groups.
  2. We want to maintain the database on current trail status. This is a real service to Ouachita Trail users and will help FoOT generate future support. In the few short months we have had this information on the website, we have had a remarkable number of people interested and asking questions.
  3. We want to know what work that either FoOT, the USFS, or the state parks need to plan on doing.

Maintenance Report Form.pdf is the same form, but in a format easier to use as a paper form (Adobe Acrobat). Use this form if you plan to print the form, complete by hand, and submit via US Mail.

Always submit a Maintenance Report when you work on the trail and please start using the new form immediately.

Trail Condition Report (CLICK HERE for an online form)
We gratefully receive reports from trail users on trail conditions they encounter. If you have been on the OT recently, please take a moment and fill-out our Trail User Report. These reports are used to keep the Trail Condition report on this web site as current as possible and also to prioritize future volunteer work. It is available in Adobe PDF format below if you choose to print and send it via US Mail.

Trail Conditions Report.pdf